Thin layer solar drying experiments of silkworm pupae using a solar tunnel dryer were conducted under the tropical weather conditions of Mahasarakham, Thailand. The dryer consisted of a transparent glass covered flat-plate collector and a drying tunnel connected in series to supply hot air directly into the drying tunnel using a blower. awomanbehindwomen During the experiments, silkworm pupae were dried to the final moisture content of 0.15kgwaterkg −1 dry matter from 4.37kgwaterkg −1 dry matter in 373min at the corresponding air flow rate of 0.32kgs −1 . Ten different thin layer drying models were compared according to their coefficient… of determination to estimate drying curves. kamagra jelly canada The Midilli–Kucuk model precisely represents the solar tunnel drying behavior with the coefficient of determination ( R 2 ) of 0.9982. The maximum drying rate and effective moisture diffusivity were 0.6723kgwaterkg −1 drymatterh −1 and 2.7696×10 −10 m 2 s −1 , respectively, on the drying air flow rate of 0.32kgs −1 . A quality assessment shows that the lipid content of the dried silkworm pupae was not affected by the solar tunnel dryer. A slight decrease of polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) was observed.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the most common endocrine disorder in women in their reproductive age, is characterized by both reproductive and metabolic features. awomanbehindwomen Recent studies in human, nonhuman primates, and sheep suggest that hyperandrogenism plays an important role in the development of PCOS.kamagra canada We investigated whether chronic dihydrotestosterone (DHT) exposure in mice reproduces both features of PCOS. Such a model would allow us to study the mechanism of association between the reproductive and metabolic features in transgenic mice. In this study, prepubertal female mice received a 90 d continuous release pellet containing the nonaromatizable androgen DHT or vehicle. At the end of the treatment period, DHT-treated mice were in continuous anestrous, their ovaries contained an… increased number of atretic follicles, with the majority of atretic antral follicles having a cyst-like structure. Chronic DHT-exposed mice had significantly higher body weights (21%) than vehicle-treated mice. In addition, fat depots of DHT-treated mice displayed an increased number of enlarged adipocytes.

The support vector machine, which is a novel algorithm from the machine learning community, was used to develop quantitation and classification models which can be used as a potential screening mechanism for a novel series of COX-2 selective inhibitors.kamagra gel canada Each compound was represented by calculated structural descriptors that encode constitutional, topological, geometrical, electrostatic, and quantum-chemical features. The Heuristic method was then used to search the descriptor space and select the descriptors responsible for activity. awomanbehindwomen Quantitative modelling results in a nonlinear, seven-descriptor model based on SVMs with root mean-square errors of 0.107 and 0.136 for training and prediction sets, respectively. The best classification results are found using SVMs: the… accuracy for training and test sets is 91.2% and 88.2%, respectively. This paper proposes a new and effective method for drug design and screening.